Q: When i try to download a chart i receive the error: "THE SELECTED CHART IS NOT IN OUR DB".
A: This means that the chart have still to be downloaded. Look at "Time Issue Table" to know when your chart will be avaiable.

Significant WX Charts ~01Z (18Z same day) / ~07Z (00Z day after) / ~13Z (06Z day after) / ~19Z (12Z day after) ~02Z (18Z same day) / ~08Z (00Z day after) / ~14Z (06Z day after) / ~20Z (12Z day after)
Wind Charts ~04Z ( obs of 00Z for +6/+12/+18/+24/+30/+36 ) / ~16Z ( obs of 12Z for +6/+12/+18/+24/+30/+36 ) ~05Z ( obs of 00Z for +6/+12/+18/+24/+30/+36 ) / ~17Z ( obs of 12Z for +6/+12/+18/+24/+30/+36 )
TAF ~00Z (00Z) / ~06Z (06Z) / ~12Z (12Z) / ~18Z (18Z) ~06Z (00Z) / ~12Z (06Z) / ~18Z (12Z) / ~00Z (18Z day after)
METAR Just After the issue, every hour 2 hours later
SIGMET Everytime a sigmet is published every hour

Q: I would like to have a SIGWX chart and/or WINDCHART of 19/02/1970 for.....
A: Ok, stop. I'm glad you asked my help, but my archive starts from 18/08/2011, so I'm unable to help you.

Q: In your stupid site there arent SIGWX and/or WINDCHART for this geographical area...
A: First your site is the stupid one :) Second, please give me a link with the chart, issue times, and a warranty that I wont get arrested copying this chart in my website, then I will EVALUATE if i can do that. (There are other few things to check if the operation is possible or not).

Q: How long your archive goes in the past?
A: Please consult the archive request page to see on which date the archiving of a certain product started. Here on the website will be kept only the last 90 days for direct consultation.

Q: Why should i wait so long for an archive request?
A: The archive request are handled automatically from the server that I have in my home, so to keep the workload to a reasonable level I only run the automatic tasks once a day. If you missed, even for few minutes, the activation window, you will have to wait about 24h (plus the time needed to handle all the requests).